Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Islands 04-18-2014

Location: 803 Washington Ave. BK
Time: 4:30pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: I never thought I would find a smaller place than our studio apartment. The Islands, a tiny Jamaican spot located right by Brooklyn Museum is so small you need the steep staircase that resembles a ladder to climb to the cozy dining area upstairs. I of course fell miserably from the stairs that left the biggest bruise on my right leg. Despite the size of this establishment, it is compensated with the portions of the dishes.

The food is prepared with much love and care. Curry Vegetables ($10, with fresh vegetables and tofu) is flavorful and well seasoned without any excess grease. Yes, it can absolutely be rich and hearty without meat here with truly soulful Caribbean style.

The side of mac and cheese ($5) should really be an entree considering the portion. It is more of a pie or quiche rather than a side. This is also one of the best mac and cheese we have had. So cheesy. So tasty. With the prominent sweet onion flavor, there is no competition against this dish. RB's Jerk Chicken ($14 for large) was tender and flavorful... and enormous.

If you are in the area of Brooklyn Museum or Botanical Garden, The Islands is an authentic neighborhood spot. Just be very careful of the narrow staircase. Cash only.

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