Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Aamanns-Copenhagen 12-28-2013

Location: 13 Laight St.
Time: 12:30pm
People: BLee and CLee, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: "There are so many Japanese tourists in Copenhagen!" my dear friend BLee and I discussed the relations between Japan and Denmark over the smorrebrod, or traditional Danish open-face sandwich, at Aamanns-Copenhagen in Tribeca. There are interesting connections between the two countries, including the friendship between Japan's Imperial Family and the Danish Royal Family. I too, have an unexplainable admiration towards Denmark. When I met my Danish friends in college, I felt as if they were Japanese--except for their blonde hair (without dye) and blue eyes (without contact lenses). Perhaps it has to do with our reserved nature and love towards clean minimalism. Or maybe it's just the amount of beer we consume.

The U.S. outpost of this modernized smorrebrod spot in Copenhagen is also all about minimalism. Many things on the menu, including soda, aquavit, butter, bread and sauces are house made. In a serene and spacious setting, we take our time enjoying various authentic Nordic dishes with excellent ingredients.

BLee's "Full Holiday Taste of Copenhagen" ($36), a full lunch course of smorrebrod is the best way to enjoy array of flavors, including two kinds of herring, fish cakes, ribbensteg, and Danish Christmas staple, ris a la made.

If you order a la carte items, the portions are not very big in U.S. standard, so make sure to order sides and desserts like chocolate mousse ($7). Breaded Pan-Fried White Fish smorrebrod with remoulade and kale salad ($10) is crispy and excellent. The chewy and nutty rye bread really is the star of the dish.

You would enjoy Aamanns if you like:
1) good bread, fish, drinks
2) reinvented version of traditional food
3) to pay more for better ingredients
4) Danish modern

Aamanns is ideal for lunch or weekend brunch with a group of friends. On Mondays, they are closed just like museums and hair salons. (except for breakfast, they are open.)

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