Tuesday, November 5, 2013

SCRATCHbread+Dough Donuts 11-02-2013

Location: 1069 Bedford Ave, BK (Scatch)/305 Franklin Ave, BK (Dough)
Time: 10:30am
People: RB and myself

SCRATCHbread is a small bakery and comfort food counter located in Bed Stuy, conveniently located in walking distance from CK's Saturday Japanese School -- and for the record, I did not choose the school based on this. From blocks away you will see the line of 20 somethings, all groggy from the night before waiting for a delicious hangover cure.

SCRATCHbread serves pastries, breakfast sandwiches, custom made stone-mill grits and other savory and sweet breadie treats out of a small window on the side of the building.

RB tried the grits ($3 for small, $6 for large) with avocado, thick bacon, and soft egg ($1 extra each). This delicious concoction was a perfect breakfast and in a convenient to-go cup, something that other restaurants do not offer. The gooey egg poured over the al-dente grits and the crisp bacon was a nice contrast of texture. The cup-o-grits is a perfect quick alternative for someone who wants the convenience of a bagel, with the heartiness of a southern breakfast.

After our grits adventure, we walked over to Dough, an artisan doughnut shop located of Lafayette Ave. Offering so many interesting and decadent circular pastry options, we found it difficult to choose just one. To our delight, as we reached the head of the line, they put out a fresh batch of salted chocolate and caramel, and our decision was made. This is not a treat that is eaten easily or without a handful of napkins and wetnaps, but we were all smiles. All salted choclate caramel glazed smiles.

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