Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken 10-19-2013

Location: 28 E. 1st St.
Time: 3:30pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: There was much hype over the Bromberg Brothers' new venture, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken when it opened in early August. People peered through the windows and lined up aimlessly during the soft opening, wondering what the prices and flavors of their glorious chicken would be like.

Few months later, it is much easier to access their chicken at this East Village location. Customers can just place orders at the counter and pick a seat at their casual, spacious seating. If you just quickly want to order beer and specialty house made ice cream (flavors like carrot & habanero, banana salted caramel and bourbon), you can skip a line and head straight to their iPad ordering station, conveniently avoiding human contact.

Vegetarians, rejoice. There are plenty of veg friendly sides and salads while enjoying the delicious greasy aroma of fried chicken. Small sides are $3, and large is $8. Spinach Judy (chilled spinach, sour cream and water chestnuts) is creamy and flavorful, and crispiness of the water chestnuts is a good touch.

The arugula salad (small $6, large $10, with white bean, goat cheese, roasted red pepper with house vinaigrette) is completely drenched with dressing but fresh and tasty.

Carnivore RB's thoroughly enjoys his drumsticks and wings. They are surprisingly light-- and not greasy on the outside and wonderfully tender on the inside. The wings were delicious, but the drumsticks were the star.

"Beak to Butt" ($8. crispy necks, backs, hearts, gizzards) and "Livers and Onions" ($7 fried chicken livers) are also available for those of you who are more adventurous with your meat parts.

Fried chicken at Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen can be as steep as $26, but here, from kids to chicken connoisseurs can enjoy individual pieces at a reasonable price as well as chicken burgers and tasty skinny fries that won't make you skinny at all. And don't forget their many honey concoctions and various sauces on each table. The honey vinegar is superb. Apply liberally.

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