Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Larb Ubol 08-17-2013

Location: 480 9th Ave.
Time: 2pm
People: 15 Ramen and Friends: ALev, MGru, M's Lovely Cousin, MeSoHungry, TrishP&Jay, JB, Kavie, Deborah, Yasmin, MGill, Marce, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: RB and I have been following Ratchanee Sumpatboon since we lived near her Astoria location, Poodam. Forget Ayada, Forget Sripraphai. We were hooked on Poodam's pungent flavors. With her fierce Isan Thai cuisine, Zabb Elee in East Village is a big hit, and now she is about to conquer the American Thai central, Hell's Kitchen's 9th Avenue.

There are meats, meats and more meats including famous sour sausages and crispy pork. The tangy fish sauce drenches the crispy green papaya salad. Fresh herbs, ginger and peppercorn will hit your senses. If you are used to more Americanized Thai spots on 9th avenue, you will see and taste many things that are new to you at Larb Ubol.

The lunch special menu (from 11: 30am to 3:30pm daily) is a great deal and perfect introduction to Isan flavors. The prices are between $8-$12 and served with papaya salad, chicken larb or soda. Dining with less daring folks? Not to worry. They have pad thai and stir fried noodles available. Ba Mee ($9, egg noodle, roasted pork, lump crab meat, yu choy) is chewy, fresh and overall delicious. If you order as "dry," it is served with the soup separately.

"I liked my seafood fried rice. The chicken larb was bleh and not very photogenic at all. But I'd go back," JB says. "The service was great, and the people were really nice and accommodating."

RB thought his sweet sausage and roast pork dish was very tasty, and the various sauces on the table provided an extra kick of spice.

There is also Thai style desserts available if you still have a room after the sizable portions of the meal. With Larb Ubol, you really can forget about other Thai spots in the neighborhood...unless you think Thai food is a greasy, sweet plate of chicken Pad Thai with shrimp spring roll, fruity cocktail and some techno playing in the background.


ALev said...

I should have mentioned that I thought the duck with tamarind sauce and Chinese broccoli with crispy pork were great! Greasy... but great!

Jenn said...

Hahaha. Authentic Thai food sans neo soul and neon lights. Good stuff.