Friday, July 19, 2013

Pork Slope 07-14-2013

Location: 247 5th Ave. Park Slope, BK
Time: 12:30pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Top Chef's Dale Talde's Road House inspired dive bar, Pork Slope, is in where you would expect -- Park Slope. Located not too far from his popular Asian fusion spot, Talde, this new bar-food destination is brilliantly perfect for people who spent their youth during the 90's.

With early 90's post-core/punk music, perhaps straight from our Spotify playlist, this spot has the modernized trashy, neo grunge flair. The menu is full of American bar food classics. From crispy tater tots and mac and cheese to pulled pork sandwich, it has all the hallmarks of traditional pub snacks. There is also an extensive selection of beer and whiskey. Ideal for the neighborhood clientele since every parent could use a pint to sooth the agony of parenthood.

Turning the low-brow into the good and cool is quintessentially 90's with its DIY mentality, and Pork Slope achieves just that. Tater tots ($4) are deliciously golden crispy without any signs of mushiness or excessive grease. So crispy! The wedge salad ($10) uses fresh lettuce with generous amounts of cheese, bacon and dressing. There is nothing healthy about this salad at all. The crispy mac and cheese ($8) is slightly underwhelming with burnt cheese top layer but indeed an interesting take on a classic dish, and CK really enjoyed it.

Brisket sandwich ($14) is tender and flavorful, and the pickles provided has a nice crunch and change of texture. The side of smokey collar greens are must.

Pork Slope is a perfect neighborhood bar with fresh and tasty drunk food that we could eat at 2pm on Sunday as well as 2am on Saturday. Pork Slope is like the guy or lady that you are surprised still looks as good in the daylight as they did the night before in the dingy bar. The kids would approve too.

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