Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Creative Juice 07-22-2013

Location: Equinox 50th street, 1633 Broadway
Time: Almost daily

Feelings: Juicing is everywhere. It seems everyone is holding or sipping green juice, which initially made me think "Finally, iced matcha has taken over NYC!"

Juices are not cheap, often getting as steep as a bowl of salad, but my latest obsession, Creative Juices offers tasty, filling and reasonable green smoothies at $5.75.

"Lean and Green" is a delicious combination of spinach, tofu, Asian pear, and turmeric, and the calories are magically only 150 cal. How is this only 150 cal? The creaminess of the smoothie makes you think this is at least 150 cal per sip. Once in a while, they are out of the pear and instead add mango, which makes this smoothie even more flavorful and creamy.

Creative Juice also features baked goods, salads like Tuscan kale salad ($6), soups, and various snacks as well as organic cold-pressed juices ($7.95-$9.95). The service is always amazing, and every staff is exceptionally professional.

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