Saturday, June 22, 2013

People's Pops EV 06-01-2013

Location: 118 1st Ave.
Time: 12:30pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Summer is here! Right next to Caracas Arepa Bar and Luke's Lobster on 7th street in East Village, People's Pop reopened its stand for the season, helping sweaty people cool down one ice pop at time. People's Pops is a Brooklyn favorite--straight from the Brooklyn Flea. Now ever popular in Chelsea Market and at the High Line, its frozen treats made with locally sourced fruits and herbs is a New York summer essential.

The popsicle with flavors such as strawberry rhubarb and raspberry rose is $3.50 each. The shaved ice, which gets hand curved upon order, is $2.50. The lemon mint shaved ice was refreshing without overdose of sugar or artificial. When the food is at chilled temperature, it is difficult for the palate to detect the subtle flavors, but they really prove that fresh ingredients win it all.

It's difficult for an Osaka grown person like myself to accept shaved ice without matcha drizzled all over and topped with shiratama and azuki beans. It almost feels like I was given a slice of pizza without any cheese. However, the New Yorker side of me fully accepts People's Pops--I don't know if I can welcome summer without it.


Sara Shacket said...

They have a store on Union street near 7th ave in Park slope. It is down the street from us, and we go at least once on the weekends! Love the shave ice on a hot day.

Yosh. O said...

Nice!! I'll have to try that location soon...!!