Friday, May 31, 2013

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters 05-14-2013

Location: 224 W. 79th St.
Time: 1:30pm

Feelings: The downtown coffee company, Irving Farm has now settled and become a part of Upper West Siders' lives. With their spacious and relaxing atmosphere and strong, robust coffee, it is almost impossible to find a better cafe anywhere else in the neighborhood.

In addition to the crisp flavored espresso and pour-over coffee, fresh sandwiches, beer and wines are available, so it is no wonder customers camp out here all day with their electronic device.

A coffee connoisseur friend mentioned that their four best baristas recently moved to their new Grand Central location that opened on May 20th. This may be why when I visited the uptown location, the service was slow and a bit odd. But luckily for me, I can now try "the best red eyes in the city" (a quote from the friend) created by the best baristas in the vicinity of my midtown office.

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