Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Hummus Shop 02-21-2013

Location: 101 Ludlow St.
Time: 1pm

Feelings: Two new Mediterranean fast food "shops" opened up in Lower East Side. One is called Falafel Shop and the other is the Hummus Shop. Despite such simple names, this will really confuse me in the end. Eh, which one has hummus and which one has falafel again? Oh, the one that says hummus has amazing hummus. And the Hummus Shop does not sell falafel. They really made this as clear as they could to cater to intoxicated individuals in LES and exhausted, fashion obsessed working mothers everywhere.

The menu, of which nothing exceeds $10, reminds me of Taim and Kulushkat. All 100% natural with organic produce, every dish is freshly made to order or prepared fresh several times a day. Except some chicken and beef sandwiches, almost everything is vegetarian.

Their large selection of Shakshuka and $1 additional for egg in hummus satisfy the egg lovers all around. Spinach Shakshuka ($8.99, egg poached in a mildly spicy tomato sauce, onions, spinach) is incredibly fresh and satisfying. The tangy and spicy tomato sauce really compliments the nicely cooked eggs.

Their thick whole wheat pita is fluffy, and the pillowy inside layer is heavenly. It is perfect for soaking up all the sauce, but why waste it? It's perfect on its own.

The Hummus Shop is perfect for healthy yet satisfying lunch and late night bites. They have additional seating area upstairs for those of you with smashed yet health conscious friends. Now I have to try Falafel Shop and see if it's equally tasty.


kim said...

I love hummus! I first got turned on by the Hummus Place. Have you been there lately?

Yosh. O said...

No-- haven't been there in a while!