Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Morris Grilled Cheese Truck 12-23-2012

Location: Atlantic Avenue between Court and Clinton streets

Feelings: Gourmet grilled cheese has become as ubiquitous as falafel or cupcakes in NYC in recent years. It is so popular that when RB was grocery shopping in our neighborhood, he spotted Morris Grilled Cheese Truck right outside the Key Food on Atlantic Avenue. The more "hip" side of the neighborhood is towards Court and Smith streets, so we were pleasantly surprised to see a fun food truck.

"The Classic" with NY state cheddar and Landaff cheese is $5.50, and other more complex sandwiches like "Aussie Sweets" (sweet potato and sweet chili mayo) and Windsordale (smoked ham, pickled turnips, garlic sesame soy sauce) are between $8 and $10. They change their menu for seasonal ingredients, so it would be interesting to see different combinations of sandwiches every time we spot these guys.

RB brought home "The Classic," which was nicely assembled with wide, buttery pieces of bread and generous amount of melted cheese. The cheese to bread ratio was perfect. Since the bread is on the crispy side and evenly supports all the lusciously gooey cheese, you would not need to worry about making any mess. With $1 extra, you can enjoy this classic sandwich with multigrain bread. Other add-ons like home made pickles, egg, and duck fat all make this American classic more enticing.

The self-proclaimed grilled cheese master chef RB wondered how they make these grilled cheese sandwiches so quickly as he takes his time to perfect the right gooey-ness in this cheesy concoction. As he observed, it seemed sandwiches were pre-grilled, which resulting in the extra crispy bread. I may prefer the bread to be less crispy, but for the street food sake, the bread would need to be this crispy for the easy handling of the positive sandwich experience.

Next time I'll definitely have to try their dessert sandwich and tomato bisque. What a fantastic, simple truck delivering all the tasty comfort food to different neighborhoods--My mouth waters every time I see their logo.

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