Thursday, January 3, 2013

La Churreria 12-24-2012

Location: 284 Mulberry St.
Time: 3pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: $6 can buy you churros and the thickest cup of hot drinking chocolate at La Churreria in Nolita. As an extension of Socarrat Paella Bar next door, La Churreria is also owned by a Spain native Mr. Manso, who brings a casual Spanish cafe straight to Manhattan.

On Christmas Eve, this very narrow cafe was packed with festive patrons. There is nothing better than walking around the empty Manhattan streets on Christmas. Most chain stores are closed, and everything seems calm and quiet without a sight of tourists. Rejoice!

As we waited at the counter to order and overlooked the crowded and small seating area, we had to figure out whether to do a take out or eat in. And of course one jolly man occupied a good deal of real estate in the bench area, enjoying his delicious bikini sandwich ($7). We had to switch from "to stay" to "to go" back and forth, completely aggravating the barista. "You changed your order twice!" we were scolded although he was still in the process of taking our order. Dear Father Christmas, I feel terrible that he had to work on Christmas Eve and deal with annoying customers with a toddler such as us. I hope you brought him some fancy gifts.

In the end, we dipped and devoured the crispy churros with the thick, almost solid-like hot chocolate standing on Mulberry street. These freshly-made churros tasted very simple without much sweetness, which required us to generously dunk into the accompanying darkest cup of hot chocolate. The crispy edges of churros twirling around the lusciously dark chocolate--can Christmas Eve be any better than this?

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