Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clover's Fine Art Gallery 01-19-2013

Location: 338 Atlantic Ave. BK
Time: 12pm
People: CK and myself

Feelings: RB works long hours and often on weekends, especially leading up to the Super Bowl. No, he is not Alex Smith. There is nothing more difficult than taking care of a toddler all by yourself on a three day weekend. One of my favorite comedians, Bill Burr once said, "Any job you can do in your pajamas is not a hard job to do," and he may be right. But I don't own pajamas, so this is tough.

To break up the day, CK and I took a walk on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill--quite a fun area for antique and house-ware shopping as well as finding local designers. For a little break, there is a nice coffee spot inside of a fine art gallery called Clover's between Hoyt and Smith streets.

Clover's offers diverse contemporary art with an emphasis on the Caribbean artists. But this spacious spot is more than just an art gallery. It has an excellent coffee bar in front of the gallery with seriously strong coffee and tea, beer and snacks available. Coffee is by Intelligentsia, made with a Clover machine, and the barista is very knowledgeable and helpful. There is even a room for five laptop seats with free wifi.

The atmosphere of this space is completely serene. The customers are always quiet, usually alone without much chatter. It's never too crowded, so you can comfortably sit and really take your time enjoying their robust coffee.

Even in winter, their iced coffee is my go-to. Their masterfully crafted, flavorful iced coffee is one of the best around. Clover's gives me a moment of serenity in the world of toddler chaos. My weekends are no longer weekends anymore, but little moments I spend at this unpretentious spot are just for me.

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