Thursday, October 11, 2012

Osaka Eats!!! 2012

Feelings: We ate a lot of amazing food in Osaka, also known as "The City of Kuidaore (enjoy good food to the last drop)." It is near impossible to find bad food in my hometown, with the exception of bagels that leave something to be desired. Don't forget to check out Osaka eats from 2009!

Bagel shop in Osaka "Bagel & Bagel"

Iced tea + orange juice at Afternoon Tea cafe

Myoga ginger

Soumen noodles

Tofu salad

Kushikatsu, Osaka's famous deep-fried kebab coated with panko.

Another  Osaka's famous dish, yakisoba! This stir-fried ramen noodles with vegetables and protein, usually pork or seafood is cooked on an open flat grill and served with aonori, katsuobushi and Osaka's popular garnish, mayonnaise.

Iced matcha. It is much stronger than the one you would see in NYC.

Sweet potato Doughnut we found at Family Mart, a popular Japanese convenience store chain.

More traditional Japanese dishes

Katsu (deep fried pork) sandwich

"Salad rolls"



Baked curry rice

Tekka maki (tuna)

Kappa maki (cucumber)

Green tea jelly

Chocolate souffle

Baby castella, a bite sized version of a popular Japanese sponge cake.

Delicious cookies covered with matcha powder from Shotani Cake House

Okara, soy pulp with vegetables

Dashimaki, grilled eggs

Baked donut

Tasty appetizers

Osakans love to drink beer

Sanshoku Dango, tri color mochi


More kushikatsu please!


Katsuo no tataki, Seared bonito


More tasty appetizer

Okosama lunch--Japanese version of kids' menu

Silky Black iced coffee

Vanilla ice cream drink

Croquette party!

Pink Himalayan salt


Soumen noodles


Udon noodles

Warabi mochi

Tuna muffin by McDonald's breakfast

Rice, miso soup, pickles

More okosama lunch, kids' meal

Omu soba, yakisoba wrapped in an omelet

Rice balls

Tasty roll cake by Artisan cake shop

Matcha parfait

Ramen+egg rolls+rice

Mister Donut


Ikayaki from Hanshin Snack Park: This folded crepe with squid is Osaka's soul food. They say that only Hanshin Snack Park sells the authentic Ikayaki, therefore, people call this "Hanshin no Ikayaki (Hanshin's Ikayaki)." 


This Mets is always winning

Creme puffs



more bento

Kids' bullet train bento box

Coffee creme sandwich

Chili shrimp

Takoyaki sandwich

Tasty monaka

Matcha ice cream parfait

Spaghetti with marinated roe of pollock, seaweed and mushrooms

Broiled turban shell


Jenn said...

Wow. There are A LOT of donuts in Japan. Lots! I'm wondering if the cookie, muffin, bread hybrid is genius or disturbing. Was it at least tasty?

Yosh. O said...

Yes donuts are the "it" dessert right now over there. The cookie-muffin-bread was delicious! RB was obsessed over it--he went back to the bakery the next day and got some more.