Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blossom Du Jour 08-28-2012

Location: 174 9th Ave.
Time: 12:30pm

Feelings: Although I am a lifelong ovo-pescatarian and occasional vegan, I don't care for vegan meat and cheese. The reason I don't eat meat is mainly because of the texture and flavor, not necessarily all for the cause, so vegan food always makes me feel queasy. But if you are a vegan who is accustomed to the flavor of meat or enjoy vegan meat and cheese, you would welcome the new Midtown branch of Blossom Du Jour.

Unlike other underwhelming vegetarian fast food spots like Otarian or Danku, the food here is promising. This organic vegan establishment is quaint and minimalist, and you are likely to see a line at the register during the lunch hour, but it is worth the wait. The service is friendly and warm, and the creative menu that includes both raw and comfort food is exciting. It is especially difficult to find vegan breakfast anywhere, but here, you will see from breakfast wraps to hot cakes. Everything is reasonably under $9, and sweets like brownies, pudding cups, cookies and banana loaves are also available.

I tried "Taco Tuesday!" ($8 including taxes) was Tuesday. Also the guy in front of me, who seemed to be a regular either for the vegan food or the cute register girl, ordered Taco Tuesday! without any hesitation. This Taco Tuesday! comes with three large blue corn tacos filled with seasoned soy meat, pico de gallo, lettuce, and vegan cheese and sour cream. The portion was fantastic, and the fresh ingredients helped me stay clear of any indigestion. I was perfectly, happily full without any heaviness or groggy feeling.

Since I am not a fan of vegan meat and cheese, I may try their organic salad next time. It is great to see someone finally getting the organic vegan fast food right--after all these years.

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