Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Telegraphe Espresso Bar 09-02-2011

Location: 107 W. 18th.
Time: 2pm

Feelings: It is the weekend before my oral surgery, and in case I expire on that inclined dental chair, I needed to do an incredibly important thing: Go to the Barney's warehouse sale. I didn't know how long my face would be swollen for, so I had to make sure at least my outfits would be impeccable and distracting.

It turns out they had more interesting items available for RB and CK, and I left the sale sans shoes or dress for myself. To sooth my grief, I stopped at the Telegraphe Espresso Bar conveniently located nearby. Many people might enjoy the more popular City Bakery located a block away, but I have always prefered Telegraphe.

The space is cramped, but it maintains the vibe of an intimate neighborhood cafe where every patron is treated with fast and friendly service. You almost never see tourists here, and most customers are alone and quietly eating their salads and taking coffee breaks while watching stylish people walk on 18th street. It is perfect for quick bites and decent iced coffee.

All salads and sandwiches conveniently come in two sizes--half and full. My "full" goat cheese salad ($7.95, goat cheese, avocado, grilled pepper, tomato, cucumber, balsamic dressing) was fresh and crispy, and I was actually sad when I finished. I usually steer clear of salads since they tend to be a rather boring and soggy, fatty mess, but their version was none of this.

So next time when you're at Metropolitan Pavilion for sample sales or Barney's sale, why not stop by for a quick tasty meal and coffee?


kim said...

Good luck with the surgery! You're be all better soon. May I ask what's the reason for it?

PS You're beautiful as you are. No need for fancy clothing to enhance your natural beauty. :)

Yosh. O said...

I fractured my tooth, so I had to have an extraction...sigh. (this is all after two rootcanals!)

kim said...

O daiji ni.

Take care and rest well this weekend.