Monday, September 19, 2011

Donna Bell's Bake Shop 09-16-2011

Location: 301 W. 49th St.
Time: 12pm

Feelings: On our way to happy hour last week, my co-workers and I found a quaint little Southern bakery near work on the outskirts of Worldwide Plaza. The buttery smell as we approached was utterly intoxicating. This must be something you smell when entering Paula Deen's house. Since I am still on post-op diet, I could not try their coffee, but I decided to try out for lunch the next day.

Unfortunately when I arrived, most of the baked goods were gone, but I decided to order deviled egg salad sandwich ($8.25, with paprika, lettuce on multigrain sliced bread). The sandwich came pre-packaged since all sandwiches are made fresh each morning in the shop. When I opened a paper bag and saw a saran wrapped sandwich, it made me feel like I was getting good ol' American school lunch, just like I've seen on Full House or Alf back in Japan.

The bread was a bit on the hard side, but the texture complimented the smooth and creamy egg salad. I appreciated that the egg white chunks were left larger than most egg salads. It really tasted like flavorful deviled eggs in a sandwich form. It was overpriced nonetheless for a tiny sandwich.

The service was friendly and apropos for the southern bakery. I can't wait to recover soon and try their coffee and other baked goodness. "Whole wheat black olive walnut and rosemary biscuit" indeed sounds like a winner!


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Their desserts are amazing...I have had the curry chicken salad sandwich and thought it was really good. It is one of my faves!!

Yosh. O said...

I can't wait to try their desserts!