Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Umeshu Chocolate 05-22-2011

Feelings: When I first moved to the U.S., Florida to be specific, I was a teenager. I was amazed by the number of kids who thought drinking was a "cool" thing to do. I could never figure out why drinking some terribly sweet mixed drinks with horribly muscle bound jocks can make their lives more interesting. At that point, I missed good ol' Osaka for the world of post punk, hard-core music scene with full of rock discotheques that were available for kids. Or I wished I could live in NYC.

Perhaps there are reasons why many Japanese kids don't think drinking is a necessary tool for a party. We grow up seeing beer and sake sold in vending machines and "Umeshu Chocolate (plum wine chocolate)" or whiskey bon bon on the shelves of grocery stores, after all.

My parents brought me this particular Umeshu Chocolate from Japan. As I bit into the milk chocolate, the sweet umeshu filling in the center took over the entire palate. Dark chocolate might have been a better choice to balance the sweetness of the umeshu filling, but the smooth texture of chocolate and thick, almost like grape or raspberry filling created a delectable snack.

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