Friday, May 27, 2011

The Crepes Truck 05-26-2011

Location: 49th Street b/w 6th and 7th
Time: 1pm

Feelings: I walked to 45th Street for Luke's Lobster Roll Truck and saw a line as long as DVF's sample sale (which is coming up 6/7). I would definitely wait for a wrap dress but a lobster roll? I'm not so sure.

Slightly defeated, I picked up my weekly staple, a tasty egg roll box from Bap Cha and saw Crepes Truck parked across the street. There were several ladies lined up eagerly awaiting their crepes. After few minutes, a couple were tired of waiting and left, conveniently putting me on the next in line. There was only one guy working in the truck, so I can see why there would be a wait.

Growing up, I used to enjoy watching a crafty crepe makers create their crepes. You may think crepe stands would only be widely available in France, but they are also incredibly popular in Japan. (Yes, we are a nation of Francophiles) The crepe makers always had grace and sensibility similar to that of hand pulled noodle makers. Unfortunately, at The Crepes Truck, since all the work happens inside the truck, I was not able to watch him make my Nutella, bananas and strawberry crepe ($5).

The crepe skin was a bit on the thick side, and with a thick layer of Nutella, it was incredibly filling. The prices are from $3-$6 (The special was $9), which seamed quite reasonable. I would love to try their savory buckwheat crepes next since they have interesting items like "The Californian" ($6, pear, brie, walnuts and swiss).


Mina said...

When I interned at Showtime during the summer of 08, there was a crepe vendor right outside the side entrance of the building! I was in heaven. Nutella + bananas at least once a week. Sometimes he moved down the street, east a few blocks, in front of Bocca. There the line got longer.

Yosh. O said...

Nutella + bananas is the way to go! Yum