Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rice and Beans from La Esquina 01-25-2011

Location: 114 Kenmare St.

Feelings: RB has been working late recently, but he will always ask me if I need any food before heading home. It doesn't matter how late it is, sometimes near midnight, he would text and ask. I appreciate this gesture, and he certainly bears in mind that to get to my heart is through my stomach and shoes.

However, where can he possibly get any quick take out food at midnight near his work in SoHo? "La Esquina," he says. "Trust me on their rice and beans."

I have always avoided La Esquina as the same reason I avoid Cafe Habana: I am in my 30s, have lived in the city for 10 years, and I don't have time for an overhyped mediocre Manhattan restaurant with rude service. But when I opened the unassuming white paper container, I was pleasantly surprised. The rice is hidden at the bottom of the cup, and the tasty beans and salsa can be found on top with a little bit of queso fresco. It is filling and flavorful, and I particularly enjoyed the tasty rice.

The little container of rice and beans, as little it may be, it assures me that RB thinks of me even at his busiest of time. This is why I don't need him to get me any Valentine's Day gift. All I need is a little rice and beans. Well, a pair of Louboutins wouldn't hurt, though.


Unknown said...

Aww, what a sweet post. Yay, RB! Thurmon tries to do the same and sometimes purchases things he knows I like (or liked at one time). Much appreciated for our respective husbands.

Yosh. O said...