Monday, January 24, 2011

Lotus of Siam News 01-24-2011

Feelings: Back in November, our monthly Ramen and Friends dinner was at much hyped Lotus of Siam. None of us were impressed by their overpriced menu and mediocre flavors, but we all were caught off guard by the rave reviews, leaving Lotus of Siam a hot topic of conversation within the group.

Just today, SaSha sent this article stating that the main owners of the restaurant pulled out of the New York location. The reason seems to be similar to the complaint we had: Their partner, former Cru owner, wanted the restaurant to be more like Cru by keeping the high prices. Perhaps the Lotus of Siam we experienced is not quite like the Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas after all. Good for you, the owners of Lotus of Siam for keeping your morals and integrity!

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