Monday, March 15, 2010

Schluckwerder Qualitäts Marzipan 03-15-2010

Feelings: My father and I have both been able to meet German people and quickly become friends. He instantly connects with them for two main reasons: beer and extensive knowledge of beer. I, on the other hand, do not drink alcohol anymore, but I have few random German friends for another reason: marzipan, or as FF calls it, "THE best, almondy tasting amazingness." Marzipan is indeed Europeans' favorite, but it is also widely loved in Japan. (We call it mazipan or mulzipan)

FF often brings me delicious German snacks, but today's gift was the best gift of all,
Schluckwerder's Qualität Marzipan! The star of this snack is definitely marzipan. It is thinly covered with dark quality chocolate without distracting the meaty almondy center. Hmm das schmeckt.

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Unknown said...

das schmekt gut! LOL