Friday, March 26, 2010

Lassen and Hennigs 03-25-2010

Location: 114 Montague St.
Time: 8pm

Feelings: I have never bought anything from Lassen and Hennigs, a deli and bakery on Montague Street, but every time RB takes a walk around the neighborhood or picks up a sandwich after work, he always brings me back some goodies from there. It is a quintessential old school New York gourmet deli, so it is a bit overpriced, but they also have an impressive array of prepared food like pasta, wraps and salad.

So far, I have tried their chocolate mousse and hamantaschen, and they were both pretty decent. The mousse was decadently creamy and subtly sweet, and the apricot hamantash was perfectly tangy to compliment the soft dough.

The sandwich is mediocre here, but RB likes that they sell beer individually at a reasonable price. A bottle of beer and a sandwich makes pretty good meal on the go.

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