Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck 01-27-2010

Location: 57th St. and 8th Ave.
Time: 12pm

Feelings: I used to work right next to Rickshaw on 23rd Street. While I did not particularly love their noodle soup with dumplings, I used to get lunch there when the weather was poor, and I didn't want to walk far. I felt that their noodles were always overcooked, and the miso broth was bland. Now that I am in Midtown, it is almost impossible to find decent and quick dumpling takeouts. Thankfully, Rickshaw Truck stops by the area every Wednesday to satisfy my dumpling cravings.

When I paid a visit today, they only served the dumplings on the truck. No salad or noodle soup here. I ordered their only vegetarian option, Edamame dumplings ($6, with lemon, scallion and whole wheat wrapper with lemon sansho dipping sauce). $6 for six truck dumplings is really overpriced, but perhaps I am too used to economical pricing of many dumpling joints in Chinatown.

The dumplings were fresh and clean, and the texture of edamame was still present. It's visually interesting to chew into a dumpling and find bright green guts! I felt like I was eating Kermit meat. I wish the skin had more smooth texture instead of being so sticky, but for takeout dumplings, it was decent and tasty.

The bad thing about eating dumplings, and dumplings only, is that you get hungry right away, and Rickshaw was no exception. I got hungry about an hour later, and I ran to the Restaurant Week Soup Truck yet again, but they were only serving meat soup. Restaurant Week Soup Truck, you are such a disappointment.

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Unknown said...

I completely agree with you on getting hungry soon after eating only dumplings. I usually partook in the dumpling & salad entree for $9 when I went to Rickshaw in Chelsea. Good, but not great.