Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally..Got the Soup! 01-26-2010

Location: Right in front of my office building, Broadway between 50th and 51st
Time: 12pm

Feelings: I was finally able to obtain a cup of soup after the third attempt at NYC Restaurant Week Soup Truck. I never had to work this hard for a cup of soup in my life. I was worried because at noon there was a huge crowd. Luckily, all the people were lining up for the promotional free coke stand next to the truck. There were only two choices today: Five-Onion Soup from Michael Jordan's The Steak House NYC and City Crab's Famous New England Clam Chowder. ($6 with bread, $1 goes to The Haiti Relief Fund.) I ordered Five-Onion Soup since I didn't want to provoke my lactose issue at work. I also embarrassingly admit that I had no idea Michael Jordan owned a restaurant.

I opened the lid and found that it was about 60% filled up, not to mention the container was incredibly small. What a rip off! It smelled incredible, and despite the petite portions, the flavor was dense nonetheless. It was a delicious 10 spoonfuls of soup, and per spoonful, I am certain it was the most expensive soup I have ever had.

If you feel like spending some extra bucks on your soup, it is worth trying the soup truck this week. I, on the other hand, regret having the Five Onion soup for lunch. I had to combat five different types of onion breath all afternoon. I brushed my teeth, listerined, chewed gum and popped mint, but the powerful flavor of the onion soup would not be defeated.

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Me So Hungry said...

Whoa, I can't believe you had the Michael Jordan soup. It's funny that it sounds like a novelty, but I don't think the truck saw it that way.