Monday, January 18, 2010

An Pan from Rheon Cafe 01-18-2010

Location: 189 Spring St.
Time: 3pm

Feelings: RB and I discovered this Japanese cafe last year while shopping on Spring street, and I often go back for their delicious coffee and pastries. I am also a big fan of their large outdoor patio and clean bathroom with a sliding door. According to the New York Magazine site, Rheon's menu was created by former Morimoto's consulting chef, and this cafe is also a showpiece of high tech kitchen equipment corporation, Rheon. Sounds quite impressive. Contrary to the intimidating back story, this cafe is unpretentious, and the price is moderate for Soho standard. The service holds up to the famous Japanese hospitality, which is a plus. Since there is no table service, customers seem to stay and relax while taking a break from shopping.

Today, in almost 50 degree warm weather, I was going to treat myself to some iced tea, but $3 An Pan in a basket caught my attention. I am not really supposed to eat sweets but had to try their An Pan! The bread was soft and fresh, and the red bean paste was subtly sweet and maintained the perfect texture. I love how the bread melted in my mouth, and the smooth texture of the red beans remained. Their An Pan is definitely higher quality than the one at Zaiya.


Gar said...

i used to make my own an pan - I buy the red bean paste from Asian supermarket and sandwich it between two Japanese white toast. Then I realized how 'bad' this sandwich is for me, lol. Glad you satisfy your craving!

Yosh. O said...

oh yeah.. white carbs and an... very healthy, indeed...