Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pakkuncho 01-13-2010

Location: Jas Mart in East Village, 35 St. Marks, Basement
Time: 8:30pm
People: JLam, RB and myself

Feelings: While shopping at Jas Mart with JLam and RB, I found my childhood favorite snack, Pakkuncho! Pakkuncho is the Morinaga's version of Lotte's Koala's March, and they are little round chocolate filled biscuit bites with Disney characters on them instead of koalas.

As a little girl in Osaka, my parents were quite sensitive to the issue of gender stereotypes, and I was not allowed to wear pink or ribbons. They were a bit anti-Disney for this reason, and I was not encouraged to watch Snow White or Cinderella. Although I am thankful to my parents for this, due to my limited exposure to Disney products, I found myself obsessed with Pakkuncho.

To me, Pakkuncho was some mysterious foreign object but brought the satisfying yumminess of Koala's March. Every little biscuit has a Disney character on it, and the round texture is more gentle to the tongue than the koala shaped one. After 25 years later, it was nostalgic to find this snack on the shelf next to the ever so popular Koala's March.


Gar said...

i used to adore the koala bears in my youthful years. I would slowly and painlessly bite off their arms, legs, and then the heads, lol. Japanese sweets are just too cute to eat. I was just at Jas Mart yesterday as well. Not much sales going on though...well, I wasn't going to buy a case of sapporo beer. lol.

Yosh. O said...

The koalas are tooo cute arent they!!!