Friday, January 15, 2010

Financier Patisseries 01-15-2010

Location: 1211 6th Ave.
Time: 12pm
People: AP and myself

Feelings: BLee once said to me, "Japanese girls are obsessed with anything France!" And it is so true, and I am one of them. Yes, I am a Francophile, and besides the obsession of French films and actors, I especially enjoy and will try any patisseries. Of course I will try Financier Patisseries near my work as well. Due to my pregnancy diet, I have been avoiding sweets, mousse and chocolate, so AP and I stopped by there for lunch instead.

We both ordered their sandwich du jour ($7.75), hot panini with smoked salmon, onion, cucumber, and caper aioli. I added a small soup du jour ($4), which was vegetarian lentil. The panini came in a lovely box with their signature logo and lime green stripes. It made me feel like I was opening a present. Inside, I found a small sandwich cut in the middle and nicely wrapped with a side of assorted pickles.

Both AP and I thought it had the nicely crispy outside that all paninis must have. It was not overly greasy, but the fillings were on the salty side. Why is food at many restaurants always either too greasy or too salty? Whatever happened to umami? My soup was flavorful, but it was incredibly overpriced. I could not believe I spent $4 for a small, slightly average cup of soup.

AP reviewed it eloquently, "At least it wasn't the typical smashed in a waffle iron panini that you get at most sandwich counters.
I think it is more of a sweets/treats place than lunch place." Well put, AP! I am sure their dessert is amazing, and it seems reasonably priced ($3-$5) for the quality. I can't wait to try their pretty pastries , but that would have to wait for another six months.


Gar said...

Great minds think alike. :)

One of the reasons i don't like to eat out a lot is because the chef ALWAYS oversalt the food. And I just can't believe that high end restaurant salt salads as well. Yes, it's expensive sea salt, but I prefer a plain salad and let me season my own greens. Just my grain of salt, no pun intend. :)

I thought being pregnant allows you to eat a lot.hehe. How's everything going? Any morning sickness? Hope yo're doing well. :)

Yosh. O said...

thanks! i'm finally over the morning sickness thanks goodness.

that's so interesting that in the US, people say you can eat whatever you want when you are preggers!

Gar said...

i know what you mean. When I was in Japan, my preggie students inform that the doctor actually 'control' their portion so they couldn't gain too much weight. Like you're just supposed to consume an additional 200-300 calories daily.