Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence! 07-04-2009

Location: Somewhere in Williamsburg
Time: All afternoon, all night
People: July 4th Party People

Feelings: Happy Fourth of July! To celebrate the holiday, SSam & JHays hosted "Sky High BBQ" rooftop party with a very robust grill, plenty of great food, drinks, and amazing people all around. SSam somehow sensed exactly when the dogs were done every time, and when he was not by the grill, he called JHays to take the hot dogs out. This man knows his grill.

I fixed my veggie hot dog with homemade guacamole and cucumbers for a wonderful experience. The creaminess of the guacamole complimented the texture of veggie dog and the crispy coolness of the cucumber slices very well, and I am not sure why I never thought about trying this before. Many BBQs have veggie dogs and guacamole. It only seems so natural. One gentleman pointed out that Crif Dogs serve this, so I will have to stop there again soon.

RB especially enjoyed bacon wrapped dates. It had smokey sweetness that seemed like great unconventional party snacks.

Even though the fireworks were on the Westside this year, we managed to see most of the fireworks over the beautiful Manhattan skyline. (You can't bring Brooklyn down!) Seeing fireworks from Williamsburg rooftop patio was a wonderful experience. Thank you SSam and JHays for hosting such an amazing party!

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