Saturday, May 2, 2009

Seoul Station 05-01-2009

Location: 81 St. Marks Pl.
Time: 6:30pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: Almost every Friday, I go to JAS mart on St. Marks to get my weekly Japanese fix and Japanese related supplies. I'll leave what they are to your imagination. After my fix, I usually get a quick dinner at Udon West or one of the various ramen places in the area, but today, RB and I headed to Seoul Station in pouring rain. This cute Korean take out joint has a small seating area that is almost identical to MTV Network's lobby: very clean, minimalistic decors with white and modern chairs and tables, no available bathroom unless you are their employee, and a line of 15' LCD flatscreens along one wall playing pop music videos.

RB got a spicy pork Korean taco and a spicy pork sandwich (toasted roll, vegetables, julienned egg, spicy house dressing, cheese, and meat), and I got the tofu combo box (steamed rice topped with tofu, vegetable dumplings, kimchi, and kimchi stew). There seems to be a buzz about Korean tacos here, but RB thought it missed its opportunity to be unique and wound up tasting like typical Mexican tacos due to excessive chilantro seasonings. The sandwich was little too crispy and fell apart as he bit into it. It was his first Korean sandwich, and he found it unimpressive but decent. My tofu combo box was a bit bland, and the kimchi was not spicy at all and was not fermented nearly enough.

The food was average, but everything was under $10, so it's not a bad option for quick takeout. I would not say that this is an authentic Korean place, but you would not expect authentic music programming from MTV either anyway, so you pretty much get what you would expect.

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