Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dessert Club Chikalicious 05-1-2009

Location: 204 E 10th St
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: I have returned to my favorite dessert shop, Dessert Club Chikalicious. Dessert Bar Chikalicious, located directly across the street, is my most favorite cafe in NYC. Unfortunatly, they are on the pricey side and often crowded, so I keep the place for special occasions only. Dessert Club version is a much cheaper, take out friendly place that offers similar quality dessert and courteous service.

What I like about this place is that every time I stop by here, they seem to have new menus. I usually like their soft serve and puddings, but when the smore cupcakes caught my eyes, I had to try one. RB got our usual, brioche bread pudding as a backup, so we were all set. The delicate little smore cupcake was just divine! What may be your usual boring over-sugared frosting part has been transformed into fluffy and light marshmallow topping, which melted gently in my mouth. The graham cracker cake was also delicate and refined, and a center of gooshy dark chocolate made the experience complete.

Their iced green tea with subtle lemon flavor (served in a more Japanese method of no added sugar) was exactly what I was looking for all over the city. Strong kick of bitter-sweet green tea flavor with a refreshing lemon aftertaste is something I'm going to crave during the hot summer days ahead.

Chika's dessert and drinks represent my home and flavor palettes as well as overall Japanese food culture. The buddhism in Japanese culture, "Mu", is successfully represented in her every dish. If you seek to refine every flavor with delicate visual of a plate, you do not need big portions of over-sugared, over-salted, over-buttered food. You will need just one taste, one smell, one visual, and you will be 100% satisfied. It is not just to satisfy your stomach and mouth, it is meant to be experienced with your entire body. Chika's dessert will force you to slow down and take your time to enjoy every bite.

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