Friday, November 7, 2008

Thai Basil Lunch with Showtime Ops! 11-06-2008

"Yummy tofu, nice lunch specials, salty pineapple rice."

Location (Delivery): 860 9th Ave
Time: 12:30pm
People: Showtime Ops Knitting Club!

Feelings: Showtime Ops' next Thai venture was a delivery from Thai Basil. The staff was extremely polite on the phone and ensured that the order was correct. Our lunch specials were rather small portions, but they were satisfying none the less. Each dish was accompanied by a spring roll and a tiny salad topped with ginger dressing. It was very affordable at $9 including the tip.

Sa-Sha thoroughly enjoyed her Yellow Curry with Tofu but admitted that it was not the best in the neighborhood. The tofu had good texture, and the sauce had nice heat and flavor. AP's Pineapple Rice was quite salty while PC enjoyed his Vegetarian Duck. Pehaps one man's salty is another man's just right.

My Tofu Pad See Ew also had great flavor and texture. The vegetables were pleasantly al dente and crisp to the bite. This combined with the soft flat noodles and flavorful sauce made a very pleasant experience to a stressful workday.

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