Friday, November 7, 2008

Bistrouge Night 11-07-2008

"Juicy Mussels!"

Location: 432 E 13th St
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: This new bistro in East Village brings a casual yet romantic dining experience with their exceptional drinks and dishes. Its exposed kitchen and warm interior welcomed us as the lovely hostess and waiter made us feel comfortable and at ease.

While we started off with organic beer and bread with pesto sauce, the savory aroma from the kitchen and nice crowds provided a good energy. Our starter dish, Vodka cured Alaskan salmon with baby arugula and cucumber, was fresh and the yogurt sauce with cucumber had the perfect creamy texture.

Now to the real reason we came to this bistro: Mussels with Fries! I cannot stop dreaming about the juicy flavor of mussels and crisp potato wedges ever since I left the place on Friday. I love how the fries soaked up the garlic sauce, becoming a delectable blend of crisp and sog.

My only regret is not ordering dessert and their highly regarded coffee. I hope to go back to this wonderful bistro soon.

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