Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Menchanko Tei Lunch with Showtime Ops! 09-10-2008

"Are these Ramen noodles made with eggs?"

Location: 43 W 55th St
Time: 1pm
People: Showtime Operations Crew
Feelings: The noodles are made daily without eggs, the soup has no MSG, and the ramen is served in pre-heated bowls at this Japanese noodle lunch spot. Our vegetarian noodle was different from others offered at most ramen places around the city: It was healthy, light, and not excessively salty. They also offer various Japanese dishes such as Umeboshi Riceballs and Oden. So if you are not a noodle lover, you could still try this place for authentic Japanese barfood. The service was fast and friendly, so this is a perfect place to enjoy your lunch with your co workers for blissful conversations.

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