Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Schnitz 02-21-2015

Location: 177 1st Ave.
Time: 12pm
People: RB, CK and myself

-Japan has its katsu Sando, the US has chicken cutlet, and now East Village has a Smorgasburg favorite, Schnitz, serving Israeli style schnitzel sandwiches.
-There are other schnitzel spots in NYC that specialize in German and Austrian style, often with thinly pounded pork and veal, but this may be the new beginning for the thicker, Israeli style sandwich trend.
-Schnitz serves these traditional sandwiches with generous amount of modern toppings and pretzel hero from Tom Cat Bakery. If you are low-carbing, order one "naked" without the bread, but it's tough to say no to a soft and chewy pretzel hero.
-"Grumpy Russian" ($9, Pork loin with greens, pickled cherries and gorgonzola spread) was an explosion of flavors, and the pickled cherries offered a very unique and pleasant note to the sandwich.
-Instead of a sandwich, I went with various delicious veggie sides: Schnitz Fries with beet tzaziki ($5, crispy sage, parsley, garlic butter, chili flakes and sea salt), Jicama-Fennel Slaw ($4), Roasted Head of Cauliflower ($5, with cumin seed oil and maldon sea salt), Brussel Sprouts ($4 with caramelized onion dijon and old bay).
-With beer and wine on tap and free wifi (and a spacious WC with lemon wall art is a major plus), what else can you possibly want? Your next meal should be at Schnitz.

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