Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dosa Royale 05-04-2014

Location: 316 Court St. BK
Time: 5pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Dosa Royale, a popular vendor from Smorgasburg, brings tasty South Indian fare to Carroll Gardens with a new 60-seat restaurant. The beautiful bar at the front serves creative, specialty cocktails, both alcoholic and virgin variations. Weekend Brunch is also available (a must for restaurants in this area) as well as lunch and dinner.

Dosa is the signature dish here, but Thali ($17 for vegetarian, $19 for non vegetarian) is a must for different flavors. This South Indian platter with multiple of small dishes includes rice, sambar, vegetables, papad, rasam, yogurt, pickle and a sweet. (also available a la carte) It is a fun platter with the mixture of spicy, sweet and tangy.

RB's Sukka Varuval was flavorful and the lamb was tender without being overly spicy.

Prices are of course higher than Jackson Heights, so as the rent. We look forward to another visit, perhaps for their "Dosa Royale-Family Dosa" ($18), a giant version of dosa dish perfect for two people with three fillings.


Sara Shacket said...

I'm so jealous! There are no descent Indian places in Park Slope. I keep hoping one will open up! We'll have to try this place out when we're in the area.

Yosh. O said...

That's so true-- you'd have to go to South Slope or Sunset Park!