Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Black Seed Bagels 05-17-2014

Location: 170 Elizabeth St.
Time: 4pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings:  Is this the new Cronut? While the line for Black Seed Bagels, the new venture by the guys from Mile End and The Smile, is not as long, it attracts huge crowds and hype. Designed by trendy hOmE, the space is small but quite impressive. Gorgeous reclaimed wood and marble surface everywhere create a calming experience. With a vast view of the kitchen with the wood-fired oven, you can really enjoy their hand rolled, wood-fired Montreal style bagels.

What is Montreal style bagels? They are much smaller accompanied with a little sweetness (they are boiled in honey water). I grew up eating bagels in Japan where the Montreal style was more of the mainstream. It is definitely more comforting to see these smaller version than the monstrous doughy-ness that is New York bagels. Plus, with Montreal style, schmears, fish and other various inside elements have more space to shine instead of being buried by the dough.

11 signature sandwiches are available once you beat the line. The popular signature sandwich, "Beet Cured Salmon, Horseradish Cream, Radish and Herbs" ($12) was tasty and impressive in texture and flavor. The salmon was delicious and plentiful, but there was not much horseradish flavor in the cream cheese. RB also expected a cleaner presentation, but upon opening the wax paper wrapper, the appearance of the bagel wasn't much different from a corner bagelshop - very sloppy and gooey.

For those who do not enjoy carbs, there are variety of salads such as sweet cucumber salad and radish salad ($4). Stumptown coffee and Harney and Sons tea are also available.

The bagel is $1.50/piece, and if you are buying for your office, $15 for a dozen. Plain, poppy, sesame, everything, salt, garlic, pumpernickel, and multigrain are available. Just make sure your boss isn't some hard-headed uber New York purist that is afraid to try anything new. Even so, who knows- with these Montreal style that came with extra care-they might be a convert.

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