Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cafe Nadery 04-12-2014

Location: 16 W. 8th St.
Time: 3pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Cafe Nadery represents the old bohemian Greenwich Village where intellectuals and artists used to gather, read and have conversations. Now that bohemian West Village has been replaced by NYU and designer coffee, this is quite a treasure in the neighborhood. The cafe is a place for live music, lectures, and art exhibitions, but this Iranian establishment also serves excellent Persian breakfast, lunch, dinner, and various drinks including some serious selections of tea with honey dipped sugar cubes, coffee and beer.

When you enter here, leave the rapid pace of the city behind you. You sit, drink, eat and consume the history and culture. Leave your iPad and read an actual paper newspaper.

The menu is full of vegetarian items. Omelet is extremely fluffy--by far the fluffiest I have ever tasted. The mixed greens are fresh, and the accompanied tea called "better than sex" ($4.5, vanilla rooibos with dark chocolate and peppermint) has quite a lot of delicious notes that should perhaps be called "a lot of sex."

"Kotlet sandwich" ($11, beef and potato patties) is like a superbly seasoned falafel sandwich but with a pleasant meaty texture. Our favorite is by far their Torshi, pickled vegetables. Both RB and I enjoy a lot of kimchi, but their version is even more flavorful. Every part of my palate was stimulated with different notes. The resident carb lover CK thoroughly enjoyed the crunchy lavash bread.

The original Cafe Nadery, opened in 1928, remains open in Tehran. It is wonderful to sit in this 8th street location with our son in a pink shirt, pink cardigan and Scottish Balmoral hat and freely talk just about anything.

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