Friday, February 28, 2014

Lincoln Station 02-16-2014

Location: 409 Lincoln Pl. BK
Time: 2pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: After a breathtaking Gaultier exhibition at Brooklyn Museum, we were ready for the best fries in Brooklyn at Lincoln Station, just a few blocks away. At this neighborhood gourmet eatery-cafe, you can enjoy hearty yet sophisticated American fare like sandwiches, rotisserie chicken and soup. Breakfast, lunch and dinner (after 5pm) are available, and the ingredients are fresh and responsibly sourced. There is no waitstaff, and the service is on a slow side. The rustic space is completely packed with Prospect Heights neighbors, many of them quite young.

Food here is cooked in very unique ways. For vegetarians, "Braised Kale" (kale and fava bean sandwich, $8.95 with bread from Bien Cuit!) is popular, and kale salad is excellent in flavors and textures. The toasted walnuts and cheese on top are fantastic.

RB's porchetta sandwich was delicious. A perfect mixture of tender flavored pork and crispy fatty cracklin' sat well on the crispy ciabatta bread.

If you are the type of person who has millions of things to do and gets easily annoyed by entitled millennials, you will be utterly irritated by the wait at this place. However, after you taste their perfectly cooked fries, you will forget about the annoyance. They are crispy and juicy, and the well balanced saltiness will satisfy your palate.

I look forward to coming back to Lincoln Station next time I'm at Brooklyn Museum or Botanical Garden. I'll try to bring more patience for the wait time for those amazing fries for sure.

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