Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wechsler's 01-18-2014

Location: 120 1st Ave.
Time: 2:30pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: How do RB and I spend our precious 40 minutes of free time per week? Without enough time to grab brunch and too long for a cup of coffee, we found the best solution: Wechsler's in East Village for a quick pint of German beer and currywurst.

At this tiny, narrow wurst haus, you can enjoy a variety of German beer and sausages at the counter. There are quaint little tables available in the back if you prefer to sit in dimmed light. As a non drinker-vegetarian, you may wonder what I would be doing at a German bar. But Wechsler's actually offers plenty of hearty vegetarian options like pomme frites, potato salad and vegetarian sausages. If you don't mind a bit of bacon, flavorful sauteed kale is an excellent vitamin A, C and K option.

RB has various sausage temptations like wild boar, merguez, and chicken apricot, but he continues to stay loyal to the currywurst plate ($7 with fresh fries). Always a sucker for a well executed simple meal, RB is a big fan of this great European delight. The fries are light and crispy, and the wurst is boiled, sliced and pan fried for nice crispy edges. We left wishing they bottled their house made delicious curry ketchup..

What we enjoy the most about Wechsler's is its laid back atmosphere and excellent service. The servers/bartenders are always prompt and friendly. Thank you, Wechsler's for giving us heavenly, peaceful 40 minutes. Who needs yoga when you can get currywurst!

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