Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Storm King Cafe+Jones Farm 06-09-2013

Location: Storm King Art Center 1 Museum Rd, New Windsor, NY
              Jones Farm & Country Store 190 Angola Rd Cornwall, NY
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: After about an hour drive and denying the temptations of Woodbury Commons, Storm King Art Center, an open-air sculpture preserve welcomes you with the works of modern masters like Isamu Noguchi and Richard Serra. It is an ideal place for a little urban escape especially if you go during the non cicada invasion season. We unfortunately picked the day when the cicadas were busy mating, flying and dying everywhere.

The admission is $12 (kids under five are free), and if you are not much of a hiker or walker, the trams are available as well as bikes. Many people pack a picnic, but the small outdoor cafe on the premise offers decent beverages and food with organic ingredients. PB&J ($3.95, Natural Bazzini peanut butter with Oregon raspberry preserves on whole wheat bread) is fresh despite being a pre-made product sitting in the fridge. The lemonade ($3) is a perfect blend of tangy and sweet and a welcomed refreshment after a long walk under the sun.

RB's ham and cheese sandwich was tasty but dry, and the chibatta was a bit too hard for his liking.

After a nice day at Storm King, the family operated and owned since 1914, Jones Farm nearby is a perfect spot for fresh homemade baked goods and pretty good iced coffee with coffee ice cubes. Their fresh and moist apple cider donuts are a must. Grab a couple and sit at their outdoor benches.There are plenty of toys and nick-nack galore upstairs for Hudson Valley souvenirs as well.

Don't be alarm by their friendly chicken named Snowball. He will approach you, but he just wants to be cuddled.

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