Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wallaby Organic Greek Plain Lowfat Yogurt 05-01-2013

Feelings: I have been a longstanding and loyal Wallaby yogurt fan. Its smoothness and clean flavors have captivated me for years--so much so that I even liked their Facebook page, which I rarely do unless they are film auteurs or 60's fashion icons. And the logo and package design are always adorable.

Not surprisingly, Wallaby's new Greek yogurt did not disappoint. It is indeed a delightful organic alternative to Greek yogurt favorites like Fage or Chobani. The sensory experience is mild and incredibly smooth, and the consistency is thinner than regular Greek yogurt. The creaminess is still richly intact, and it is overall a very satisfying treat.

I can't wait to try their different flavors and nonfat version!

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