Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bombay Duck Co.05-13-2013

Location: 190 Bleeker St.
Time: 12:30pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: Just look at this Yelp review. 14 reviewers so far all gave five stars for this quaint new Indian spot that serves amazingly fresh home made comfort food. Many Indian restaurants add loads of butter and cream, but Bombay Duck Co's food is clean and delicate.

The setting is very casual and modern, and the service is welcoming.

Bombay fish curry is a must ($8.95). With nice acidity and a kick of spice, the mouthwatering depth of flavors will satisfy your palate. If you are not much of a curry person and love your dairy, "Mom's Toasties," grilled cheese with Indian flair, will be one of the best grilled cheeses you will have this year. Crab Toasties ($6.50) is especially scrumptious with crab meat, cheese, chilli powder and crispy buttery toasts.

The owner has explained to RB during his past visit that what they serve is all of his mother's recipes. That's the kind of a mother anyone would like to have, but in this economy of working families, it has become increasingly difficult to get a nice home cooked meal. However in NYC, we can always taste other parents' amazing recipes from all over the world...in this case, New Jersey.                

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Jenn said...

Definitely putting this place on my must list.

And when's the next R&F?