Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweet Buttons Desserts 04-14-2013

Location: 84 Rivington St.
Time: 12pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Small and subtly sweet. Isn't that all we need in life? Sweet Buttons Desserts is doing just that. Serving bite-sized scrumptious delights on the corner of Rivington and Orchard, this cute little spot gives you a little indulgence in life.

Japanese people would probably say, "What do you mean, bite-sized? This is the normal size of desserts," but by New York standards, their desserts and cakes are indeed mini dosage of sweetness. At $3, it is difficult to choose just one, but the dessert cups are the winners here. Raspberry Panna Cotta is consisted of perfect layers of smooth vanilla bean panna cotta and raspberry gelee. The chocolate mousse with classic dark chocolate mousse, creme patisserie and chocolate cookie crumbles is decadently creamy.

The mini red velvet cupcake is a bit on the dry side. If you prefer smooth and creamy desserts, dessert cups are the must. With their refreshing hibiscus iced tea ($3), the summer treats are ready--all guilt free.


KikaEats said...

I just went for the first time this weekend and fell in love!

Yosh. O said...

Yes! Can't wait to go back.