Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Slowteria 04-07-2013

Location: 548 Court St. BK
Time: 2pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Slow food+ Loteria= Slowteria. This Mexican slow food restaurant moved from the sun kissed beaches of Tulum, Mexico to the shadow of the BQE in Carroll Gardens. With authentic Mexican regional food and fresh juices, the low key atmosphere makes you feel like you are in a relaxing in a quiet Mexican beach town. That's the great thing about Brooklyn: You can have the glorious BQE and beach town on the same vicinity of the area. Sans sunburns, just satisfied stomach.

Unfortunately the food is not the only thing that is slow here. The service is painfully slow. We may have caught them between shifts, but our server disappeared during our meal, leaving us and other tables behind. This would be perfectly suitable if we were on vacation and without a care in the world, but it doesn't quite work when there is a child with busy parents with limited amount of time. But if you can afford extra $$ on a babysitter, you're all set here. Sip on some delicious pineapple and ginger juice ($5) and relax. I envy you.

Although this is 'slow food', the food arives in a decent time. The complimentary chips and guacamole are divine. The flavor is complex and light. The chunky tomatoes in guacamole are incredibly fresh, and the charred habanero side was a tastily spicy treat. The fresh ingredients really shine through in the Huevos Rancheros ($7, Two eggs any style on a handmade tortilla with homemade salsa). The tortilla is really the best here, and with each bite, I can really taste the flavor of corn. The side of beans and rice is also perfectly seasoned.

RB loves any Mexican food, but Slowteria seems to be another level of heaven to him. He quietly indulged in his simple and well executed Gorditas ($8, Three tortillas stuffed with duck chicarron, topped with greens, dressing and black beas) that were a nice mixture of textures.

CK's Vegetable Tacos ($10, Two handmade tortillas) were fresh and crispy while providing a nice healthier option.

Slowteria is not the type of a place where girls in sundresses shout "wooo!" and binge on margaritas and chips. The flavors are more sophisticated and inventive while carefully avoiding any fussiness. It is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood--and to New York!


ALev said...

OMG must go asap!

Yosh. O said...

Yes!! and have some tea & cookies across the street at Treats Truck Stop!!