Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is Powerful Yogurt Powerful? 02-19-2013

Feelings: Upon trying to get my usual Greek yogurt from Food Emporium near work, something called, "Powerful Yogurt" caught my attention. With a sleek black packaging and largely printed "20G Protein," any health conscious New York girl would be interested. I can definitely use 20 grams of protein in life, but what the heck is this thing?

As I checked their website and realized that this is designed for men, I was even more confused. I had absolutely no idea that yogurt was for women until this day. Since Powerful Yogurt is based in Miami, perhaps the yogurt culture might be a bit different there. But what really caught my eyes from their website is this:

Our Greek yogurt is a nutritional super-food for men.
-Build Muscle
-Burn Fat
-Increase Fertility
-Improve Digestive Health

Increase... what!? Do you know how expensive it is to raise a child in NYC? The last thing I need right now is to increase fertility. I put the yogurt down as quickly as I could and gave it to my coworker, AP.

He really enjoyed the flavor and texture of the yogurt. "Decadent, creamy, not that sour yorgurty taste one associates with yogurt, more like a thick custard-- even thicker than the other Greek yogurts on the market," he says. "22 grams of sugar though helps it seems more of a dessert than a healthy snack."

Powerful Yogurt is available in six different flavors. If you are any of the following, I would highly encourage you to pick one up:
-You are just too manly and powerful to eat the regular Greek yogurt even after watching the John Stamos commercial.
-You need more protein in your yogurt.
-You enjoy very, very thick Greek yogurt.
- You have enough dough to pay $2000+ a month for childcare in NYC.

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