Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rize Coffee 01-11-2013

Location: 122 E. 42nd St.
Time: 1pm
People: Effie, StevenC and myself

Feelings: As we tried to have our new year lunch at the Spotted Pig restaurateur's Salvation Taco, we found ourselves at a crowded mess with no service. Who do we order from? Where are we supposed to sit? Where is the menu? Hopefully they will work out these kinks when we come back, but thankfully, we were able to stumble upon a cute independent cafe in Grand Central, in the base of the Chanin Building to be exact.

In the epicenter of the suit and tie commuters with their horribly burnt Starbucks coffee, Rize stands strong. The decor has a sense of humor with a interesting mixture of indie cafe and midtown chic, and it seems to attract more eclectic clienteles and European tourists.

They serve Stumptown Coffee--a good, dependable choice. My iced coffee ($3.50) was strong and pleasant while Effie thoroughly enjoyed her usual mocha. The service was low key and friendly, and the comfortable, spacious setting was perfect for a little catch up. Three Jil Sander loving friends in a creative industry: one with a fully corporate life, second struggling through the freelance corporate world, and the third still going strong on her own. All of us find Rize Coffee a little bit of less-corporate oasis in the middle of Midtown.

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