Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wolfnights 08-07-2012

Location: 99 Rivington St.
Time: 1pm
People: SaSha and myself

Feelings: On the corner of Rivington and Ludlow is an interestingly named snack spot, Wolfnights. At this carnivore friendly sounding eatery with a menu full of wolf-ish names ("Teen Wolf," "The Howling," "Once Bitten" to name the few), they specialize in gourmet wraps made completely with natural and organic ingredients. They are open until 5am on weekends, and considering the location, the food is appropriately good binge drinking cuisine.

Facing Rivington, there are three wooden swinging chairs. Kids would have a great fun here while munching on their tater tots ($3.65) or sweet potato fries ($3.95). During more wolf friendly hours, intoxicated adults would equally get a kick out of, or possibly get motion sick from these seating arrangements while wolfing down a "Wolf Attack" ($5.95, tater tots topped with melted American cheese, jalapeno, grilled onions and Wolf meat sauce).

I am neither a child nor a tipsy adult, but I enjoyed their "Pink Moon." ($8.95, shrimp wrapped in a beet, chia seed dough with bean sprout slaw, grilled asparagus, pickled jalapeno, fried pickles, coconut vanilla sauce) The shrimp was overcooked and dry, but the flavor of coconut vanilla sauce gave this wrap an interesting twist. It was overall very greasy, which I assume is the point of a place such as this one. Why on earth would Wolfnights serve light and healthy food?

SaSha's "Little Red Riding" ($6.95, egg & zurita cheese in a crispy fried white dough, cayenne pepper, pickled strawberry) was "just ok," she said. "The fried wrap is very tasty and has a nice crunch." The filling is supposed to have cayenne pepper, but it was not spicy at all. "It is supposed to have mild Mexican cheese but actually tasted like goat cheese" added SaSha, who does not particularly enjoy goat cheese. "It's also a little too much cheese, and not enough egg." If you like the combination of fried dough and goat cheese, you may need to order this one.

The lady at the counter was not the friendliest, but if anyone can deal with annoyingly drunk kids making some wolf jokes, it would be her.

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