Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tortaria 07-09-2012

Location: 94 University Pl.  
Time: 3pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: The concept of Tortaria is impressive and original, bringing the torta sandwiches, taquitos and refreshing margaritas and Mexican beers to Union Square all under $8. The rustic decor with Mexican floor tiles helps the ambiance of Latin canteen and bodega, and the spacious seating area is rare for an eatery with no table service such as this one.

Since we missed the brunch, served from 10 am to 3pm, by barely a minute, I instead indulged on Pesce sandwich ($7.81, seared red snapper, jalapeno remoulade, pickled red onions, bibb lettuce on semolina bread) and churrittos ($3.68, mini churros with chocolate sauce). The torta was tasty with full of juicy sauce, creating quite a mess at the table.Make sure to grab tons of napkins before seated. The buns were nonintrusive but dry, and ingredients did not taste quite fresh. The churros were crispy and subtly sweet, and the side of bitter chocolate sauce was excellent. Overall, the food was satisfactory but not as authentic as the decor creates this place to be.

RB's braised short rib torta ($8.73, braised steak short ribs cooked until tender with spicy black beans, avocado, pickled red onion and jalapeno and fresh cilantro) was tasty, but he was quite unenthusiastic.

For a quick bite to eat with a side of margaritas or beer, Tortaria would be a great stop. The music is blasting, and young 20 something college kids stop by with Forever 21 bags and severe vocal fry. If I did not have CK with me, I would probably have felt annoyed by the clientele and the atmosphere, but this is University Place after all.

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