Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mint Kit Kat 06-13-2012

Feelings: My coworker recently took a trip to Ireland and brought back a box of Mint Kit Kat. There are not many mint related popular chocolate candies widely available in the U.S., and if they are available, they are usually limited edition or often never available at stores. It's a shame they don't sell this delicious mix of mint and milk chocolate. With only 107 calories, these cool minty chocolate kit kats can truly give you a kit kat break on a hectic afternoon at work.


Stephen said...

There was Christmas-themed Dark Chocolate-Mint Kit Kats like 5 years ago. They were pretty tasty, but I haven't seen them again.

Jenn said...

We need more varieties of KitKats! I loved the tea ones my friend bought me from Japan a few years back. Those were delicious. Damn US and their stringent standards on candy.